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UNIT number  UNIT Name – A descriptive name for the Learning Unit 
Purpose  A succinct statement of the purpose of the Learning Unit, including a high-level Learning Outcome. 
KLP Reference  A reference back to the Key Learning Point reference in the mapping to the Body of Knowledge, as detailed in Section 6. This is required for traceability. 
Learning Outcome  Candidate Learning Outcome Statement  A statement of what the Candidate is expected to have learned by completing the Learning Unit. A specific term is used to define the depth of learning, from low to high as follows: 
Identify – name one or more items 
List – name multiple items 
Understand – an understanding of the concept or item 
Define – provide a definition of a term 
Demonstrate – describe and explain a concept or term 
Describe/State – provide a description of or statement for a concept or item; give a factual statement 
Explain – provide a description with a rationale 
Discuss – the ability to write logically about a topic 
Justify – demonstrate the correctness of an assertion through a written discussion 



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